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The Drought Discussion Podcast

Drought Learning Network

We bring you this podcast with the intention of helping you figure out how much rain to expect this season and - if you’re managing rangelands - how much forage you might get. During the growing season, we share seasonal precipitation outlooks from the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center and forage outlooks from Grass-Cast, or the Grassland Productivity Forecast. Grass-Cast gives you a heads-up in late spring and early summer for how well your rangeland grasses should grow during the upcoming summer season, depending on whether precipitation in your area ends up being above, near, or below normal.Outside of the growing season, we’ll highlight various drought-related topics such as - Will it even snow this year? What on Earth is tritium and why is it important? Is your groundwater recharging and how do you know? Is it really becoming more arid in the southwest? Send us your questions and we’ll find that elusive expert to answer them!